NWP Cruise Ship, 2014


The Akademik Sergey Vavilov (Russian: Академик Сергей Вавилов) was designed for polar research and built in Finland for the Russian Academy of Science. It was launched in February 1988 as an ice-strengthened Russian research vessel, named after academician Sergey Vavilov, to conduct hydro-acoustic ocean research. Prior to November 1999, it completed five research expeditions in the Norwegian Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and South Atlantic Ocean. The Akademik Sergey Vavilov is also used as a cruise vessel in the Antarctic.

The Vavilov is operate by One Ocean. Adventure Canada subleased it for our Out of the NWP cruise, as its own ship Sea Adventurer had to be taken out of commission for engine repairs earlier this summer.


  • Built: 1988, Rauma, Finland
  • Length: 117.04m (384ft)
  • Breadth: 18.28m (60ft)
  • Draft: 6.09m (20 ft)
  •  Passengers: 110
  • Crew/Staff: 53
  • Registry: Russia
  • Engines: 5,000 KW diesel twin engine, twin
  • propeller, 600 kW bow and stern thrusters
  • Class: Ice Class, KM*L1(1)A2, Canadian Type B
  • Gross Registered Tonnage: 6,450

As a side note, the Vavilov carried sonar equipment that was used in the successful search for John Franklin’s sunken ship Erebus. The ship was referred to as the Voyager in later press coverage of the ship’s discovery. It wouldn’t do to have a Russian ship involved in such an important piece of  Canadian marine history and exploration.


One Response to NWP Cruise Ship, 2014

  1. Mona & Ron says:

    Hope this finds you well and excited about this voyage and that you are off to a good start. What a venture [ or is that adventure? ]


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