September 30, 2016

45°24’N   75°41’W

I’m back in Ottawa after a phenomenal voyage through the Northwest Passage. We saw everything we hoped we would from polar bears to the northern lights. We were awed by incredible landscapes, and enjoyed visits to wonderful Arctic communities. We had rough seas and stormy weather, ice and sunshine. But mainly we had lots of fun. Having taken over 2,000 photos, it will take me a few days to sort them out and organize this blog. So stay tuned for more in the coming days.


Aboard the Ocean Endeavour, going through Bellot Strait, September 14, 2016


About Season Osborne

I am a writer with a love of Arctic history. After finding a photo of Capt. Joseph-Elzéar Bernier, who claimed the Arctic for Canada in 1909, I was inspired to write my master’s thesis on Bernier’s contribution to Arctic sovereignty. This ultimately led to extensive research into Canadian and ‘foreign’ expeditions to the North, which morphed into my recent book, In the Shadow of the Pole: An Early History of Arctic Expeditions, 1871-1912.
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