NWP 2016 – Day one

Saturday, September 10th

Temp. 20C

Terrific travel day to Edmonton.



Edmonton Airport traffic control tower


Up at 04:00. My Joe kindly delivered me to the airport by 05:00.

Had a coffee at Tim’s but didn’t order a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, so I wouldn’t spoil my appetite for the airplane breakfast. Turned out food is no longer providedgratuituously by Air Canada.Took off at 06:30 and landed in Calgary at 09:30.  Time zones always make you think places are nearer than they are.

Waiting at Gate 54 in Calgary, I noticed a gentleman with shorts and hiking boots on. I thought he might be a staff member but his blue shirt with the Adventure Canada logo was the give away. It was Scott Forsythe, the photographer. Lynn Moorman, geographer/geologist, arrived shortly after I introduced myself and we all boarded the plane for Edmonton. Lynn was on my Heart of the Arctic trip last summer. Caught the shuttle to the Executive Royal Hotel in Leduc outside the airport. This is the same hotel we left from for the trip in 2014.

We were warmly greeted in the lobby by Jason Edmunds and Stefan Kindberg,  our fearless expedition leaders. We checked into our rooms before heading to lunch. I have my own room this time with a king sized bed.

Met some of the staff at lunch in the hotel restaurant then the rest of them (minus four who are on the ship with the Into the NWP trip) in the staff meeting after lunch. Jason and David Newland, our host, briefed us on how the trip would go. It was great to see the folks I’ll be working and travelling with. 18:00 we met the nearly 200 guests in the conference room. David and Jason filled them in on what to expect on their adventure.

We are taking two chartered planes tomorrow for Kugluktuk (previously Coppermine) where we’ll board the ship. Transport Canada will conduct a baggage check on the beach before it is all loaded into zodiacs and ferried out to the ship. Forecast for tomorrow is rain. So my waterproof gear is in my pack at the ready.

I joined Pierre Richard, Lois Suguluk and a lovely couple from Cranbrook, Denise and Allister, for dinner, but it took so long to come, that I opted to skip dinner and came up to my room. It was supposed to be delivered but I’m turning in at 23:10 without dinner, too tired to eat anyhow. So I’ll set the alarm for 05:00. Adventure here we come….



Our suggested travel plan, dependent on ice conditions





About Season Osborne

I am a writer with a love of Arctic history. After finding a photo of Capt. Joseph-Elzéar Bernier, who claimed the Arctic for Canada in 1909, I was inspired to write my master’s thesis on Bernier’s contribution to Arctic sovereignty. This ultimately led to extensive research into Canadian and ‘foreign’ expeditions to the North, which morphed into my recent book, In the Shadow of the Pole: An Early History of Arctic Expeditions, 1871-1912.
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2 Responses to NWP 2016 – Day one

  1. Judith Acres says:

    Looking forward to following your trip via this blog Season. I am only an hour out of Edmonton, so I felt very close to you tonight. Sleep tight, bon voyage, and see ya soon I hope 🙂


  2. Joe says:

    Wow! What an adventure Ms. Osborne! Hope you enjoy every moment. Miss ya! Joe xoxo


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